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In 2015, on a hot summer day in NY, a newly married couple set out to buy their first piece of patio furniture. Excited and inexperienced, no one thought to measure first. They came home with a giant piece from Costco that of course, didn’t fit. Everything had to be brought back to the store and they needed help. Cue, Ron Cooper. He loaded up the cars to help his daughter and son in law. Upon arrival to Costco, waiting on line with two cart loads of goods, he noticed the wide open space on the floor where the piece had been and his curiosity sparked. He asked the customer service agent, “Where do these returned pieces go?” And she replied, “Back to the vendor! We can’t put them on our floor again.” Light bulb moment. Ron thought to himself, where do all return goods go, especially ones purchased online?”

At a networking event 6 months later, the topic came up again. A prominent e-tailer rep from NY got on the stage and said “internet sales are exploding and that’s a good thing but can anyone in the audience help me with all the returned goods coming back from customers all over the country?” In this moment, Ron realized his business model was needed and “Closeouts Enterprises” was born.

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PMP Sales is a Retail Sales Consulting & Promotion Company. With roots in the promotion industry, we soon evolved to become a resource of solutions to America’s independent retailers, helping stores become stronger in the areas of:

• Merchandising
• Advertising
• Personnel
• Overhead Reduction
• Branding & Market Share
• Complete Buyouts
• Rug Trunk Shows

We also represent a broad spectrum of other resources for independent retailers, and provide access to their services at discounted rates. These partnerships cover many categories, such as:

• Special Vendor Buys
• Freight & Logistics
• Point of Sale Systems
• Mobile Signage Campaigns
• Outdoor Billboards
• Media Management
• TV & Radio Production
• Digital Advertising
• Direct Mail

With over 30 years of experience and relationship-building, our expertise as both consultants and promoters give us the unique edge you need to meet your goals!

PMP Sales is proud to have helped thousands of furniture stores create successful sales events. We deliver creative solutions to achieve a retailer’s particular goals, and we work on strictly commission. Whether you are trying to increase your market share, or you are seeking a viable exit strategy, PMP Sales will help you meet your financial objectives swiftly and cost effectively.

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