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videoblocks-warehouse-looping-animation_hajh3zytf_thumbnail-full01Are e-commerce consumer returns devouring your profits?

Closeout Enterprises is prepared to take all of your returned goods such as:
• Freight Damage
• Wrong Style or Color
• Buyer’s Remorse and more

E-Commerce has taken the nation by storm with its convenience for the consumer, and low overhead for the retailer. But who gets left holding the bag? YOU DO!

As a result of online returns, you have large amounts of cash tied up in dead goods costing you money along with storage fees.
The cost of freight, storage, and manpower cut deep into your profits. Even the trucking companies suffer as they sacrifice trailer after trailer to hold this unsellable merchandise.

This problem will only get worse.

videoblocks-empty-warehouse-looping-animation_bugye-n5z_thumbnail-full01WE HAVE YOUR SOLUTION AND WE PAY UPFRONT!


We’ll take your truckloads and warehouses full of online returns and liquidate it all at one of our hundreds of retail stores around the country.

Take the first step in recovering your profits by contacting us today.

Call Ron Cooper: 845-826-0054 or email

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