Quick Delivery Upholstery

Looking for well-priced and quick delivery on brand new Upholstery from MS? We found it for you!

Everyone is suffering from the supply chain issues because of this pandemic, but the buyers at Closeouts Enterprises were thinking ahead for you. Before the pandemic hit, our parent company, PMP Sales, was buying this line of upholstery for its high impact sales events and when the world shut down for a few months we committed to a major buy for when retail re-opened.

So when retail opened up in June, we made a commitment to buy 2 trailers/week which has now increased to almost 10 trailers/week with a limited number of frames available so you can be guaranteed to receive timely shipments on what you order.

We are now offering 3 sectionals, 7 frames with 2 sleeper options. As the weeks go on, we are hoping to add more fabric options along with new frames as well.

Take a look at what we have ready for you now by clicking here or copy/paste the Google Sheet link below. Once a PO is confirmed, your order should ship in about 4 weeks!


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